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Search exactly what you're interested in receiving by either procedure or a destination you'd like to travel to. Out extensive list of medical procedures as well as destinations will make it easy for you to select the correct one.

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doctours provides in-depth information about all the doctors on our site. Easily research and compare doctor profiles, as well as further filter your findings based on costs, locations, ratings, and travel preferences.

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doctours provides each patient with access to negotiated rates on flights and hotels along with specific amenities to cater to your medical needs. With access to our 24 hour concierge support, you can be put at ease during your travel and medical procedures.

Discover the benefits of medical tourism, by exploring doctors from all over the world.

Regardless of location, time frame, or budget, doctours lets patients connect with internationally accredited doctors and hospitals to receive the medical care they desire at prices they can afford.

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Affordable Healthcare

American's cannot afford the healthcare they need and desire. The US ranks #1 globally in healthcare costs, but only 37th in overall quality of care. Rising premiums for the middle class and the continuing lack of affordable care have left many Americans falling through the cracks, with the expensive yet necessary medical procedures simply being out of reach. When it comes to medical treatment, there is no reason to limit ourselves to our city, state, or even country. There is an increasingly advantageous global marketplace available, with highly trained practitioners that offer quality healthcare solutions at affordable prices.

Care Free Service

doctours makes it easy to find a treatment abroad. We provide you with all the information needed to find a medical provider, to get your questions answered, and to arrange your treatment. Our interactive online healthcare platform, allows patients to gain access to the medical offerings and costs available in the international market. Transparent pricing and in-depth doctor profiles allow patients to easily search, compare, and book the medical treatment they desire, all while saving them anywhere from 30-80% on medical costs. From new and innovative cancer treatments, to nose jobs and knee replacements, doctours covers the whole spectrum of medical tourism by being an onine marketplace of international doctors, as well as a full-service travel agency, sending patients all over the world.

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